Choose from over 1,600 colors in our Color Journeys library, right from the comfort of your own home.

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View the entire color collection.

Select color cards to view Pratt & Lambert's catalogued color collections created to honor a different purpose, time period, or style.

View current trends to see which colors are popular right now. Each palette that Pratt & Lambert has compiled includes eight beautiful paint colors designed to be mixed and matched and to inspire furniture, accessories and other d├ęcor throughout your home.

The possibilities are endless, and of course, Henery Hardware is here to help!

Color Visualizer

Choose from several different pre-furnished room scenes, or exterior building scenes and apply the color of your choice to see your vision come to life! Print, save and share your design or your custom color pallet. You can even upload your own room scene, from your own home or office, to test how different colors pair with your furniture and other decor.

Paint options

Once you have the color or colors you desire, make sure and write down or print out the name and number associated with that color. For example, say that you would like to order paint over the phone at your local Henery Hardware and you have chosen the gray swatch below. Simply let them know that you would like to order "x" number of gallons of "x" paint (specify the sheen as well), and let them know the color to mix is (in this instance) the gray "Riverstone - 411F" from the color journeys color library.

Riverstone color

If you'd like different types of paint mixed in different colors, just let one of our associates know and they'll help you every step of the way. Don't forget your accessories and applicators!

Valspar and Pratt & Lambert
Valspar Pain Cans

Can't find the color you're looking for? Don't worry! We have the ability to custom match any color. Just bring in a competitors color swatch, or a photo on your phone; really anything you have that contains the color you desire. Our talented and knowledgable associates are at your service.

If you should have any further questions, you can contact your local Henery Hardware.